Student Testimonials

I am overwhelmed with the amount of support and positive feedback I've received from my amazing students over the past year! I have coached hundreds of students so far through my online courses, digital products, and various programs. From SAHMs who want to work from home, to corporate girlies looking to escape the rat race, to college students looking for a side income, and so many more!

Check out some of their testimonials below...

"As someone who has taken the full VFA, there is no way anyone wouldn’t learn ABSOLUTELY everything they needed to become a successful VA with your course. And a successful VA at the very minimum. Because really with what I’ve learned I could end up “virtually” anywhere!"


- Kelsey D.


"Before joining Vivian’s course, I was very lost on where to start. Thanks to VFA, I have gained so much clarity on how to start and how to shape and structure my business and skills. Vivian is also very responsive to my concerns and questions, and makes this journey believable and possible for anyone. Thank you, thank you!!"


- Laura C. 


"Thank you so much for such an awesome course! Thanks to your help, I was able to book 3 clients only 8 days after starting a profile on Upwork. This morning I woke up to my first five-star review!"


- Karen T.


"Your VFA course provides so much valuable content – you really do get your money’s worth!"


- Rachel L


"Already landed a client!! And got my asking price. So freaking excited!"


- Miranda G.


"I just got hired by a firm!! Thannnkkkk you!!!!!"


- Jasmina B.


"I’m almost done the course, and I’ve already lined up two discovery calls! First is on Wednesday! I was able to get these through this VA Instagram I setup while still working on the course. [Two weeks later, she sent an update] Just sent my first contract!! We’re starting with some email management/organization along with going through her client list and making a master email list for future newsletter!!"


- Samantha M.


"Vivian you have honestly inspired me to leave my profession as an educator. I bought your course about 2 weeks ago and I honestly feel so confident about the decision I’m making. This is truly a course that’s worth every penny!"


- Steph G. 


"Just landed my second paid client and I couldn’t have done it without the help from your mini course! THANK YOU!!!"


- Ioana 


"Before I even finished the course, I technically got my first client! I’m SO excited I could cry!!!"


- Sailor D.


"If you’re thinking twice about getting this course just do it! It is the most thought out and thorough class that anyone could have! It truly game me the confidence to start a career in virtual assisting!!"


- Brynn N.


"I am so excited, and I wanted to share with you that your course has brought me here landing my first client in less than 2 weeks! Thank you! It was just a dream to work remotely 2 weeks ago and now it’s becoming a reality! [A week later, she sent an update] I am 2 for 2! If everyone writes proposals the way you teach us in your course, I think it might be a guarantee! I’m so excited to get the ball rolling, or that the ball is rolling! How exciting! Yay!"


- Gina H.


"Vivian’s course is not only super informative, but it is also well-designed, easy to understand, and very practical. I used the strategies Viv recommends and started receiving interest within a week of starting the course!"


- Karen T


"This course gives you everything you need to get started. As someone that needs to have everything planned and feel like I know what I’m doing, this course does all that for me. It answers all my questions and it makes you believe in yourself a little more. I love how it’s not just what needs to be done but how you can turn skills that you didn’t think were big into something and make you confident in it!"


- Destiny W


"Ever since I found you, you’ve continuously given me the confidence I’ve needed to believe that I can take on more on the side and I’m ever so grateful for you. I hope you know how much value you give to others :’) and if you haven’t heard this enough, please always kow you have people who’d lives changed because of what you’ve offered/given."


- Janine O


"I was just offered my first VA job this morning!! I have prepared for a career in medicine the past 10 years and never imagined being able to live so freely until stumbling upon your content. So grateful for the shift you brought to my life."


- Zara W


"It was my fiancé that sent me one of your TikTok videos to watch that started it all. I’ve been looking into becoming a VA for a while, but it wasn’t until you announced that you were launching your course that I really considered taking a course on it. I watched your Free Virtual Assistant Coaching Session, then talked it over with him and decided to invest in my potential career as a VA. It’s been a month since I completed your course and guess what… I landed my first client! There’s so much value, knowledge, and expertise in this course. There was one activity of yours that made me realize how much value I can provide as a VA, and I was honestly shocked when I went through all my work experience in the past years. Without a doubt, everyone can learn from this course. The tools, knowledge, and resources are there for you. You just need to commit and do the work. Thank you, Vivian, for putting this course together. No regrets with this purchase! And I’m looking forward to the day I land my 2nd and 3rd client!"


- Khrystyne C


"What I liked the most about these modules is that you are showing us some practical ways (through the use of examples) that we can set up our social media/branding, how the money and legal issues work as a freelancer, and how to use specific programs that will be especially helpful for our businesses. I also appreciated how the examples showed us exactly how we can learn a particular skill."


- Shriva P


"I joined your masterclass session last night and it was such a great intro crash course! I think your full course would be amazing, well thought out, and so helpful. I found you on TikTok and I appreciate your informative content. I just wanted to say a big thanks for sharing the nitty gritty and, basically, step by step guide to entering the VA world."


- Lauren G.


Will you be my next success story?

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